Is Overnight Star okay to use with another acid (glycolic or otherwise)?
We generally recommend applying only one acid based product at a time.

What’s the best way to choose which acid is better for you? My main issue is aging skin, so wrinkles and some hyper pigmentation.
Please send us a message at with your skin type and concerns so we may customize a routine for you!

What’s the difference between Overnight Star and a glycolic acid treatment?
While both are wonderful exfoliators, they are slightly different. Glycolic is a smaller molecule which in turn penetrates deeper into the skin, and lactic acid is a larger molecule and more hydrating than glycolic. We formulated Overnight Star to be deeply exfoliating while soothing your skin with nourishing botanicals to ensure there will be no irritation for even the most sensitive skin.

Can Overnight Star be paired with retinol?
You may layer Overnight Star over a retinol-containing skincare product if you wish to apply both an AHA and a retinoid at the same time. For best results, we recommend following up with a regular face oil.

Can I use this while breastfeeding?
All of our products work within the skin's surface and undergo rigorous safety testing; therefore they are recommended as safe for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Your skin may encounter new concerns throughout your pregnancy so we recommend consulting with your doctor when making changes to your routine.

Can I use it every night?
Absolutely! We love incorporating Overnight Star into our daily routines to better address our concerns. It is fine to build up to daily use as long as your skin is able to tolerate and you are not experiencing any irritation. 

Does it sting?
Some tingling is normal as your skin builds up tolerance to the acids! If it’s a little too intense for you, try using smaller amounts initially! 

Is this safe for sensitive skin?
While all of our products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind, we recommend patch testing first as everyone's skin is different. Some tingling is normal, especially if this is your first time using resurfacing products with AHAs. The sensation should decrease as your skin builds up tolerance.

How does this fit into a PM routine?
For your PM routine, if you’re using Overnight Star, we would recommend applying after cleansing and only applying an oil or oil balm afterwards. Water based products may disrupt the pH of the acids in the formula! 

How often can I use this?
We recommend starting off by using 2 to 3 times a week and gradually building up to more frequent use. You may build up to daily usage as long as your skin is tolerant and doesn't experience any irritation! Also, make sure you’re applying to dry, cleansed skin and only using an oil or oil-based product afterwards. Other water-based products may disrupt the skin’s pH causing a reaction.

Is it safe to use in prone acne skin?
Absolutely! This is great for all skin types, including acne prone skin!

Does this work well for stubborn dark spots?
We would recommend Overnight Star to even skin texture!

Does this product expire and if not, what’s the recommended duration of keeping this product?
This product has a shelf life of 12M once opened and 2-3 years unopened!

Is it ok to store this in my makeup fridge or should it be kept in room temperature?
While it will not affect the efficacy of the formula if you store it in the fridge, we would recommend letting it come to room temperature prior to application. It may have lower penetration when applied at a significantly lower temperature!

Should you wear moisturizer over Overnight Star?
We recommend following Overnight Star with a moisturizer!

Do I still need a physical exfoliant if I use Overnight Star?
You don't need one, but please feel free to customize with whatever works best for you!

Can you use it under the eyes?
We do not recommend applying Overnight Star under the eyes.