Stories from our Customers

Learn more about how Overnight Star helped our customers achieve glowing skin!

"My complexion is a lot brighter and more even. I also notice that I'm not getting as many blemishes, and it looks like the little fine lines and some of the spots are disappearing. This is working wonders!"

— Jackelyn, age 36 

"My mom even commented on my skin the other day, and she said, 'Your skin looks so much brighter. What have you done differently?' And I told her, 'It's just Overnight Star!'"

— Briana, age 33

"Fun fact! Overnight Star helps prevent breakouts. Who doesn't want that?"

— Lezl, age 32

"This product would be good for just about anybody, but I think it's especially good for someone who they don't really have time to put into their skincare."

— Reesha, age 37

"Overnight Star has helped me have glowing skin and a lot more even skin tone."

— Cheryl, age 39


Lactic Acid is Amazing!

"It’s a must have for every woman who wants beautiful skin! The texture and ease of application are perfect, leaves no residue, makes the skin fresh and smooth, and reduces age spots and lines. Love the scent. It’s not overpowering and very clean."

— Erica, age 47

"I love how this contains hyaluronic acid because that helps plump the skin and reduce the fine lines."

— Cristeen, age 38

"I see a lot of those fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead and kind of around my smile area have just completely gone away."

— Breanna, age 27

"I feel like my skin looks brighter and more even, and I also noticed that my forehead line and wrinkle look a lot less prominent. I'm obsessed with Overnight Star!"

— Haley, age 29

"My skin looks healthier, brighter, has this nice dewy glow to it, which I'm obsessed with, and it's just getting rid of...the fine lines under my eyes so I look a little bit more youthful as well!"

— Jules, age 32