I Changed my Skincare Routine after Seeing a Supermodel on a First Class Flight

By Sarah Hartwood
February 6, 2021

An unexpected series of events ends in revealing the shocking beauty techniques used by the rich and famous

You probably have heard the saying time is money, but I’ve always lived by the rule “money is money” as the former only really fits those that actually have the disposable income to throw money at a problem as a way of saving their time.

I am not one of those people.

In fact, on this rainy Tuesday in a gridlocked New York City, I sat in a shared shuttle van heading to JFK for a much anticipated girls' trip weekend with some of my old college friends.

Pulling up to the curb, our adrenaline running high, we grabbed our luggage and raced to the check-in counter only to find out that the flight had been cancelled due to the inclement weather.

Luckily there was another flight but it would be a long wait and a late night until we got on.

At 9pm, it was time to board but what happened next would change the course of my entire life.

As each of my friends showed their boarding passes and passed through the gate, I was stopped. The steward informed me that they had oversold the flight and that I could not ride in the main cabin with my friends but as a courtesy for the flub, they wanted to upgrade me to the first class cabin.

I couldn’t believe my luck and while I’m skeptical by nature I followed the steward through the heavy velvet taupe curtain cautiously optimistic that this would be a flight to remember.

All cozied up after a smooth takeoff, I found myself surveilling the first class clientele to see the personification of money.

As it was late, most people had long turned off their overhead lights and televisions and turned in for the transatlantic haul.

I was still coming down from the high of my unexpected upgrade when in the periphery, my eye caught an incandescent shine that I instantly whipped my head around to check out.

Diagonally from me, sat a poised woman who appeared to be in her late 30’s. She ritualistically unpacked her beauty bag and I expected to see her unload one beautiful big brand bottle after another but to my surprise she methodically placed only one pink bottle on the tray, which I didn’t recognize.

She smiled at me and shrugged as if to say “yes, I’m wearing makeup on my naturally beautiful face” and knowingly, I gave her a look of approval to applaud her effort to wash her face before going to bed.

I have to admit, it was nice to see that even beautiful people follow commonly accepted practices.

She got up from her seat and headed to the restroom with a few carefully selected bottles as she locked the bathroom door, I reached for my trusty drugstore cheapies mentally weighing their effectiveness.

After a few minutes, she emerged from the bathroom and I could feel my lips part and the weight of my lower jaw force my mouth open.

The unspeakable transformation

It was as if the airplane bathroom were really a time machine and erased 10 years off her face.

As she walked towards her seat, I couldn’t help but notice how quenched her skin looked.

Hydrated and supple, without a trace of imperfection.

Even through the dimmed cabin, she glowed as she walked past me and I involuntarily raised my hand to check if she was real as her forearm brushed against my hand.

I was determined to find out her secret!

As dawn came, I peeled my crumpled face off the side of my lounger and out from under my blanket.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee seeped through the first class cabin as people started to stir, the sun not fully risen.

One glance at my face and I knew that even a first class sleep couldn’t solve my dark spots.

As we were touching down after 14 long hours, I knew that I I stretched my arms up, rotating my neck and as I turned my eyes locked again with the oddly familiar beauty.

How did she look even more luminous this morning??

Fresh and dewy, her skin radiated! Was she even a real person?

After the cabin lights turned on and as we were packing up personal items, I turned to the woman and said “Wow you really have a solid night time routine! You look so fresh!”

Her face lit up and she responded “Oh it’s so minimal actually. I never leave home without a few tricks that I’ve learned over the years being that I travel so much.”

As we waited for the plane doors to unlock, she took out her cosmetic bag and pulled out the pink bottle that I had seen the previous night.

It was such a unique color that it was hard to forget.

She handed it over to me and said “it’s so much more than an overnight cream because of the blend of botanical extracts. It’s so powerful. Blasts away my dark spots. A literal facial in a bottle.”

It was called Overnight Star by Glomance, and I made a mental notation of the name as I couldn’t wait to google it once we deplaned.

I thanked her and we gave each other a friendly wave and I set off towards the baggage claim where I would meet my friends.

As I whisked through the terminal, I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right there on the magazine rack in Hudson News was my new friend from first class posing on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.

If I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes and hadn’t seen the results of her nighttime routine, I wouldn’t believe this story myself but what I learned next about Overnight Star was perhaps even more shocking than this oddly serendipitous encounter!

Overnight Star by Glomance

Immediately and significantly plumps skin and boosts radiance in just 3 minutes.

Known as the "Instant Overnight Facial," Overnight Star is a powerful multi-purpose anti-aging night treatment that leaves skin with a supple, youthful glow.

  • Resurfaces skin for the appearance of a clearer and brighter complexion


  • Helps reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles and targets uneven skin tone.


  • High potency lactic acid helps renew healthy skin by promoting cell turnover


  • The Nourishing Botanical Blend: Aloe, lemongrass, chamomile, licorice, prickly pear, and hyaluronic acid assist in boosting radiance.


What it does:

  • Improves texture, fades dark spots, age spots, and hyperpigmentation


  • Gives you a visibly even skin tone by helping reduce pores


  • Gives a plumper, glowing complexion by helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Skin Type: Safe for all skin types

Size: 1 fl oz / 30 mL

So why does Overnight Star work better than any other cream?

Strong exfoliation needs to be balanced with high quality ingredients in the right amounts.

That's what makes Overnight Star so special.

The team of researchers at Glomance has selected high-grade, pure licorice extract and other carefully selected botanicals that interact with lactic acid to unlock radiance-boosting effects.

Together with lactic acid, this proprietary botanical blend is a breakthrough in skincare science and can only be found in Overnight Star.

This nourishing botanical blend is found in no other products on the market today. It includes licorice, aloe, chamomile, lemongrass, and prickly pear.

And it is topped off with one of the most well known hydrating ingredients, hyaluronic acid.

Combined with lactic acid, this powerful botanical blend:

1. Helps diminish the appearance of dark spots, and

2. Promotes elasticity and strengthens the skin barrier, giving the skin a supple, plump feel

Best of all, you will feel more confident and love what you see in the mirror.

Overnight Star has become my holy grail for dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles

Guys, it checks all the boxes:

Powerful AHAs that exfoliate your skin without irritation and soothing, calming botanicals that leave your skin nourished and hydrated and licorice to brighten and plump your skin.

30 seconds after applying the cream to my skin, it began glowing from within.

Instantly luminous...there are no other words.

My skin was baby soft and looked plumper and revitalized.

My skin looked nourished like I haven’t seen in so long.

After 3 weeks, the texture of my skin has dramatically improved, and I feel like there are less indentations.

Before, I could see the unevenness in my skin, and now I feel like it’s a lot smoother.

With so many creams on the market, this one stands alone.

I can confidently testify that there hasn’t been one cream to deliver all of the results that I have been dreaming about.

I feel like I’ve tapped into a highly guarded secret, and what I want you all to know more than anything else is that having glowing natural skin IS possible.

We should not be defined by our age, but we should all be comfortable and love the skin that we are in.

I highly recommend that you give Overnight Star a try.

Everyone Loves Overnight Star

"I swear by this stuff! Tighter skin, smaller looking pores, and more youthful overall. Just turned 40 and after first applying it, I could tell a difference in the appearance of my skin. A total game changer for me."

Alessandra K., age 40

"It’s a must have for every woman who wants beautiful skin! The texture and ease of application are perfect, leaves no residue, makes the skin fresh and smooth, and reduces age spots and lines. Love the scent. It's not overpowering and very clean."

Erica I., age 48

"After the first use I saw a major difference! My skin is softer, and my pores are tighter I had a lot of dark spots on my chin, and my skin looks more even. I saw almost instant results after the first night, and I now use it 3 times a week. Highly recommend this!"

Charlotte L., age 37

Update: Special Savings for 2021 on Overnight Star

As of March 2021, Glomance is offering a special discount for online purchases only. But hurry, due to extremely high demand, Overnight Star is frequently in and out of stock. (Hint: These make great gift ideas for family and friends!)

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